A Bit About Us

Many of you may remember us as Pan's Jewelers, previously located at the Big Apple Bazaar here in Staten Island NY. Here is where Simon Pan opened up his first of many jewelry stores back in 1982. His friendly smile, enthusiasm & hard work has been the key to his success for the last 30 years.


When the economy started to decline, Simon noticed many of his clients looking to sell their gold in order to pay for their current debt. It's become a tough time for many. Instead of selling their jewelry of sentimental worth, why not provide the option to pawn it as well? This way, his customers can get a cash loan without having to sell. This started the new business chapter for Simon and "Pawn.Cash.Go." was born.

Even though the concept of Pawn Shops has been around for centuries, it wasn't until recently that the public took notice and embraced it as an alternative solution for their short term loan needs. Besides helping individuals, many small businesses have also recognized pawning as another loan option. It's become extremely difficult for many businesses and entrepreneurs to acquire bank loans today. The lengthy & confusing application forms can complicate the process even more. With no credit checks, background checks and no long waiting periods, businesses now consider us as a solid resource for instant cash loans. Please feel free to call or visit us for more information.

Under these current conditions, please call 3 days in advance to schedule any pick up. We appreciate your understanding. 
Members of the National Pawnbrokers Association & Collateral Loan brokers Association of NY. Licensed, Bonded & Insured.
DCA License #1341783 and #1272523